Friday, February 11, 2011

A Window

In all the places I have lived my kitchen has been a dark place with no windows. Windows are such a wonderful invention.  I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and seeing an episode where the Ingalls were so excited when they could have glass windows in their home. Can you imagine a house with no windows?  In today's modern world we take windows for granted and obviously expect that if we buy a house, there will be windows in that house and one in every bedroom and sometimes bathrooms and entryways etc...  Anyway, since we can have windows anywhere in a house, I have always wanted one above my kitchen sink.  Everywhere we have lived I have done dishes staring at a wall or sometimes a picture I decided to put up and I felt so caged in and alone with my dirty dishes. Because I felt this way, I hated to do the dishes.  Well I am finally living in a place that has a window above the sink and it makes all the difference. I am telling you what - doing dishes is so much more enjoyable to me.  The view out my kitchen window is into my back yard. I love looking out there because when I do I realize that there is a world out there that doesn't revolve around me hating to do dishes. There are people out there with real problems, problems bigger than if we are out of dishwasher soap or not or if I have to soak that pan overnight or not.  I look out there and picture (when the hundred feet of snow melts) my kids playing out there and back yard BBQ's and I love the images and dreams I create by looking out that window. I also look out there and think of the good times we have already been able to have back there with pools, sprinklers, frisbees, footballs and picnics, even snowmen and snow angels in the winter.
I love my kitchen window and whenever I think about it, it puts me in a good mood. So in life, when you look at a problem and see only a wall  and feel caged in by it. Just pretend that wall is a window and look out and find the memories and dreams to see past the problem into the bright future. Open up your windows of possibilities.  Windows put me in a good mood, especially ones over my kitchen sink.