Thursday, May 23, 2013

Say Something to Put me in a Good Mood....

The other day I had a friend email me and say she was having a terrible day and she wanted me to say something to cheer her up. Talk about pressure. So I thought of a few things that I thought would at least put a smile on her face - like the time I didn't auto-correct check my text to a friend and mistakingly said that my husband was home with a woman named "Lois" instead of saying he was home with the "kids" - that was so funny. So I sent her a few funny things and hoped to brighten her day. Well yesterday my brother sent me a blog post that I wish I could have sent her on her terrible day. Because it made me laugh SO hard

I know it came out in like 2011 - but it is still just as funny to this day. Then if you read the next one HERE you will get double the pleasure.

I was laughing so hard after reading both of these posts! So hard!! Then this same brother who must share my sense of humor sent me this Gem of an Item on Amazon: 

The item in itself is pretty funny but what you need to do is start reading the customer reviews because those are what make me want to buy this product so badly for my terrible, no good days.  So cheer up - life is funny even on terrible days. Good mood to you!!