Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taking a Look Back - Today is New Day

Today while on Facebook I happened upon the page that lets you look at all of your activity on Facebook from days and years past. So I started going down and reading things I had posted. In a way, it was like reading a "random journal" of random things I had experienced throughout the last few years. As I read, I reminisced, I remembered, and I even teared up at some things. Our time spent in Upstate New York was forefront in my mind and all the memories and new experiences brought about by those 10 months was a big part of my life. Am I still experiencing new things the way I did then? And get excited about them as I did then? I need to. I need to experience my life now the way I did when everything was new and exciting. So I am setting a goal to continue posting on this blog because posting on this blog reminds me of new and fun things that make me smile, make me laugh and put me in a good mood. Today, looking back put me in a good mood. Sometimes looking back at things reminds us that life really isn't so dull and monotonous. Life is good. Like Chicken Little says: Today is a New Day. So I am going to start experiencing each day as a new day with new experiences to be excited about. So read your journal, read your activity on Facebook, or look back at old blog posts. But - a word of caution - don't get stuck looking back - don't get stuck thinking of good times and great times that aren't happening anymore. Just take a quick look back so you can go forward in your day with newness and a fresh perspective that life isn't always so predictable and to know that even on predictable days - life is oh so good. I did it and it helped. Hope you have a Good Mood Day!