Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have always loved to swing whether on the playground or on the dance floor - swinging is one of my favorite things to do.  As fate would have it, this is also one of my daughter's favorite things too.  I try to avoid playgrounds with swings because if there are swings that is all she will want to do is be pushed the entire time we are at the park.  It will be a great day when she learns to pump her legs, but until then I push and I push and I push. There could be a rollar-coaster or ferris-wheel at the park, but all she will want to do is have me give her "under-doggies" on the swings. At my elementary school growing up there was these type of swings where you had handlebars you pulled with your arms rather then having to pump with your feet. I think they were designed for handicapped kids. As kids however, we would get one kid on back one on front and one sitting on the seat and we would get going so high and I would love that feeling. Of course, eventually, they were taken out and replaced by something safer - but every recess would bring pure joy and fear as I prepared to board those swings with my friends. I loved them.  So the other day I finally found a park near my new home and of course all my daughter wanted was to swing. So I start to push her and I start to enjoy giving her under-doggie after under-doggie and to tickle her when she swings my way. To see the joy I remembered reflected in her eyes was something special. However, I then realized that my swinging days are not over, I climbed on a swing myself and started pumping and pumping until I was flying very high. I would put my head back and swing down and after the nausea wore off I remembered what it was like to be a child and to swing and that feeling of fear and joy you get on swings. I get that feeling now that I am a grown-up but it usually comes from seeing if checks I write will clear the bank. :) So to feel that innocent joy again put me in a good mood for a really long time. So if you're having a bad day - go find a park and either push your kids on a swing with a few under-doggies or climb on one yourself, let go and remember the feeling of pure joy.

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  1. Jerimiah loves swinging too...and sometimes it's nice for me to escape by myself to the playground to just swing. Jerimiah THANKFULLY has learned how to swing himself with just a push to start and I LOVE IT!