Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sucking it Up...

Have you ever thought of what a great invention vacuum's are?  What did people do before vacuum's? Sweep? hand pick up? Well today I officially admit to having a crush on my vacuum. Since we have moved to our new house I have not had a good working vacuum.  So for months I have wanted one and finally broke down and researched and read reviews etc.. and finally decided on one.(pictured above) I got it yesterday and was like a little girl in a candy store putting it together today piece by piece.  As I ran it over my nasty floors I realized that I LOVE to vacuum. I had no idea how much I loved and appreciated a good vacuum job until I hadn't had one for 4 months.  It was awesome and I feel so much better about my house and my day because my floors are clean and I didn't have to get down on my hand and knees to get them that way. I love it and having a powerful suctioning vacuum is a great mood enhancer. So "suck" it up and vacuum your house and if your vacuum does not suck like mine didn't - then go buy yourself a new one and enjoy vacuuming all over again. It is an awesome feeling. Ahhhhhh.......


  1. You make me laugh. :)
    I love to vacuuming too!! LOVE.
    If only I had a carpet in this house. I could do it more often. So, for now, I get joy in sucking all along the baseboards of my house and the area rugs. lol
    Good times in deed!

  2. My vacuum leaves my house with the pleasant aroma of burning and staleness. I want your vacuum!!!