Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Tickle

One of my new year's resolutions is to make each of my children laugh every day.  Not only is the sound of a child's laughter medicine for my soul, it also boosts my mood and is fun to try to think of ways each day to get them to laugh.  My oldest is harder because you can't just chase him around the house and expect him to laugh anymore, so I have to get really creative. What this post is about, however, is how the easiest way to get my youngest to smile is to "tickle" her.  She can be in the middle of a tantrum and all I have to do is tickle her to get immediate laughter amidst the screams and crying.  Tickling is an art.  I remember being tickled as a child - sometimes just for laughs and other times out of real torture. I mean, sometimes when an older brother is holding you down you truly are being "tickle tortured".  Tickling is a good mood booster, whether being tickled or tickling a child, it's reaction is usually laughter.  It is flirty, fun and dates back generations. Your parents did it, your grandparents did it, and most likely even the President of the United States has participated in some sort of tickling.  It is an equalizer.  A worldwide pleasure.  Tickling is famous.  It's in movies, in books. It is a past-time.  So on a sad day, just tickle or be tickled. Immediate smiles and laughter will be the results.


  1. I don't like being the receiver of tickling much anymore but being the giver...especially to my little boy...brings me great joy! Thanks!

  2. Umm... I don't want to be tickled either! But tickling Bailey and Avery (and Mike), totally fun!

  3. That's Danny's favorite game, hold me down and tickle me till I pee. I admit, it's happened a time or two. Meanie husband.