Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Fresh Cut

Getting ready in the morning can get very tedious and boring. So much so that most days, unless I have somewhere I absolutely have to be, I avoid getting ready all together, doing the bare minimum.  Sometimes not washing my hair, not putting on makeup - just making it so my kids don't say "mom, you stink".  Today I figued out a way to combat the "getting ready" monotony. Get a new haircut.  A few days ago I got my hair cut by an awesome stylist whom I love and now I love getting ready and even look forward to it.  Now, this sort of thing doesn't happen for other monotonous tasks like doing the dishes for instance.  If I get a new glass or bowl, I don't make it dirty just so I can wash it or I don't stare at it in the sink just waiting until I can pour soap into it and see it clean again.  Even a new dishwasher might make doing the dishes exciting for one day, then I would be sick of doing them again. On the other hand,  a cute haircut can make me excited to get ready for weeks!  So today, a new haircut is all it took to put me in a really good mood and motivate me to get ready. Unfortunately, a bad haircut can have the exact opposite effect so be careful who you trust with you locks! Go out and get a fresh new haircut and see what it can do for you.


  1. :-) So true! It's a fine line but if it's a good haircut it's good! Thanks for the smile!

  2. Amen!!! Did I tell you I might finally take the plunge and get highlights??? Ooooooh!!!!

    Very true though! I wanna see pictures of your hair!

  3. Finally added you to my blog roll! Love your blog!