Friday, January 21, 2011

The Towel

Towels are a funny thing don't you think? Even the word is funny, towel, tow-el. to-ow-el. Weird. But you don't realize how important or useful they are until you don't have one when you need one. Right? With that thought I begin my story: 

Today the towel I usually use to dry off with after my shower was in the wash. I therefore grabbed a different towel and went about my business.  When I needed said towel I soon realized that it was not as clean as I thought and was not only not clean, but dirty dish towel stinky.  What do I do? I could either stand there and drip dry, wave my hands and run around to air dry or use the stinky towel. So I stood there and ended up wrapping my hair loosely in the stinky towel and using the used, small hand towel that was just kind of dirty but not stinky to dry off. I know this may not be an appropriate picture in your mind or this post may not be appropriate for young readers, however it needed to be told so I could figure out one of my good mood triggers: CLEAN, FLUFFY, FRESH TOWELS. I didn't realize what I was missing until I had to use stinky towel and hand towel and put on enough lotion and hair stuff to mask the stench left behind by the stinky towel. I wasn't about to go out, find a new towel and then shower off again. Too much work! So by having a "stinky towel" experience, it really made me appreciate the days when I have a clean towel. Isn't that how life works? So get yourself an awesome, big, fluffy,  fresh towel and use expensive fabric softener just on it and enjoy the freshness. Sure to put you in a good mood. Because the stinky towel kind of put me in a stinky mood not to mention a stinky person in general. I am washing my fluffy towel today.


  1. Thanks goodness for clean towels!

  2. I have missed you friend! You are so right, not only about the towells but the hair cut as well. Whenever I get in a rut I go get my hair cut or curled...just something different. It works even better if you do something DRASTIC with it...chop it ALL off, or Perm it, or get bangs! Crazy!

  3. Too true. There's nothing worse than a stinky towel. (Did you make it to the Y today? I didn't... oh well).