Monday, March 11, 2013

Men Working OUT

I was driving along the other day on just another pot hole filled road in my city. Winter is just the worst on our roads. So anyway, I was driving along like I was in a life size Mario Kart game, dodging the potholes, when I saw this sign and just started laughing. It made my day. I know it is probably illegal and shouldn't be done and everything like that but I love it for so many reasons. One of them being that it took me back to all my prank filled days as a care-free youth when we would do things like "Chinese fire-drills" around our car at stop lights. Or we would steal cones and place them on the front yard of a boy we liked, or of course "TPing", or...well I better stop with the confessions there. So anyway, another reason I like it is because the "OUT" is just written on paper and taped on there. So it's naughty, but not TOO naughty you know? Cracked me up and made me laugh. The third reason I liked it is because the image of me driving by the "MEN WORKING" and having them really be working OUT. That image made me laugh too, with their dumbbells and kettle balls getting their sweat on instead of filling in our potholes. Love it!  So look for the "funny" in your day and neighborhood to put you in a good mood.


  1. When I drove past it later that afternoon there were a couple of teenage boys standing by the sign with their shirts off flexing and doing push ups. So funny. :)

    1. Are you serious? That is so funny Amy! Seriously made me laugh out loud not just lol. :)