Monday, October 4, 2010


Once I started keeping a "gratitude journal"and every night I would write what I was thankful for that day. I  tried not to repeat myself and didn't run out of things to write down but eventually I just ran out of time or desire to do it regularly. So I have started a little "I am thankful for..." sidebar on here that I will add to each day so when you can't think of anything in your life to be thankful for - you can come here and remind yourself of a few things. 

It is my knowledge that we have a living prophet upon the earth to guide us and give us council. This last weekend I listened as he gave a talk on how important it is to have gratitude in our lives. The part that hit me the hardest was when he talked about things we left un-thanked - intending to give thanks for but we never do. I know that I love to get thanked for things whether it is from my husband thanking me for cleaning the house or from a friend thanking me for a phone call - it always makes my day and attitude better. Someone recognizes the things I do - I am not alone in the world. I think a lot of times I live a "thankless" life so to say. Getting up doing the things I do and it isn't that I can't do the things I do unless I am thanked and I don't expect to be thanked for every little thing I do, but when I am - wow - it is like for the next while I feel better about doing what I am doing because someone notices. So as I think about what I learned from this talk I realize that if you want a quick fix to your mood just think of a time that someone has thanked you and if that doesn't work or you can't think of a time in particular go out and thank someone for something they have done for you. An attitude of gratitude is a sure fire fix to those bad mood days.

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  1. That was my favorite talk too! Thank you :) for your thoughts on the matter!