Friday, October 1, 2010

Vitamin D

I was sitting eating my lunch today and all of a sudden a ray of sunlight shone on me from my patio door. I leaned back, closed my eyes and soaked it in. It has been raining all week here - so it was great to see the sun for a few moments and as I was soaking it in I thought of how powerful the sun is. Right now there are places converting the sun's energy into power for lighthouses, boats, houses, and even factories.  I thought about how there are articles and reports on how everyone needs Vitamin D everyday for a healthy life - at least 15 minutes of sun light daily will do wonders for your energy and mood. This is a proven fact. Amazing that "The Son" - as in Jesus Christ will do the same thing for us. If we can give him 15 minutes a day or more of our time whether in prayer or scripture study or reflection - He will give us energy/strength/courage and more.  When I was a teenager I would sometimes sport sunglasses inside and when someone would ask me - "Hey Bec, why are you wearing your sunglasses inside?" I would say, "because when you're cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day".  Just a fun joke to say - but in retrospect it is something to think about. Even in "rainy" times of our lives there is a "sun" that can shine on us 24 hours a day. The One who gave His life for us. Sometimes we may have to be other people's "sun". And sometimes we may have to make our very own "sun light" for our stormy days. But no matter what we can convert the energy from "The son" and "the sun" into ways to bless our family's lives and neighbors lives.  So today a ray of sunshine put me in a good mood. What can it do for you?

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  1. again with the memories. You are so right. Thank you for the uplifting note.