Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yellow Balloons

In high school I had a part-time job working at a party store. I was a pro at putting together amazing balloon bouquets.  I ended up loving it.  I especially loved the clear yellow balloons. I learned then that yellow was my favorite color. Wearing yellow. Receiving yellow flowers. Tying yellow balloons together. Whatever it was I loved that color. So the other day I was having an average day and threw on a yellow shirt after my shower and I immediately felt better. I am not kidding. Colors are powerful. Yellow is a happy color - so for an immediate mood shift put on a bright colored shirt - it will help.

At that job I also learned that I love balloons. Mainly because they make you look UP. I love how like flowers - when you receive balloons you are happy and it usually means a happy celebration. Balloons make you focus on things heavenward instead of getting so caught up in things only you can see. I have heard of a few instances where at funerals people let balloons go with memories of the person who died tied to them and then every year on the anniversary of their death they do the same. I love that. I love that instead of going and staring at a grave you let go of balloons that cause you to look up into the heavens and know that the spirit lives on. Balloons put me in a good mood. So if you're ever feeling down go into a party store - find the high school worker and ask for a balloon bouquet. It will do the trick.

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