Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today I got a phone call from a new friend inviting me over to her house. It put me in a good mood. Someone knows about me, thinks of me and likes me enough to invite me to something. Being invited to something is a sure remedy for a bad mood (unless it is Jury Duty or a blind date or some event you really don't want to go to). But in general, being invited makes you feel included and it improves your self esteem.

I remember in the 8th grade there was this party that it seemed "everyone" was invited to. Even though the boy lived right down from the street from me and we had grown up together I guess I wasn't popular enough to be invited to his big boy/girl birthday party.  I waited for him to hand me an invitation but it never came. I was sad but then after some digging realized some of my other friends weren't invited either. So I held an "un-invited" party for all of those he forgot to invite ;) and we had a BLAST. (not to mention we spied on the party that was going on and it was not cool without us there - believe me!) So whatever the event - being invited makes you feel special.  On the other hand if there is a time when you are not being invited anywhere then buck up and do your own inviting because there is always friendships to be made by just making a phone call and saying, "want to hang out? go on a walk? our kids to play together? go out for my birthday? watch a movie? Play b-ball?" It could be anything. Being invited and doing the inviting are two things to put you in a good mood. At least it worked for me today.

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