Friday, October 22, 2010

Inside Jokes

Today I was thinking about inside jokes and how fun they are to have.  There are a number of people in my life that all I would have to say is one word or phrase and we would be laughing forever. With my roomies from college all I would have to say is "retainer" or "silverware" or "bike tire" and we would not be able to stop laughing. With my husband all I would have to say is "Amberly" or "hokey-pokey" or "panini fries" and we would be splitting a gut. With my brother all I would have to say is "bub-rub" "sledding accident" or "leprechaun" and we could go on for hours.  Inside jokes are gifts given to us to remember when something hilarious happened that made us laugh really hard. They are memories. Mostly good, some embarrassing and some stressful that became funny after the fact.  I probably have at least one inside joke with almost everyone I know whether they know I do or not. :)  Today being able to think up some of my old inside jokes and memories I put myself in a good mood. Try it - it's fun.


  1. I LOVE thinking of inside jokes, we have TONS in our office "pants" "twitch" "fax machine" "buck lites" etc...GREAT times had by all!

  2. du-du-duh .... or "just chillin like urine" :)