Thursday, September 30, 2010

Research and Patience

I just saved $50 on my cell phone bill. It took internet research and 2 calls to customer service but in the end I got it all to go through.  When I save money on anything it puts me in a good mood - whether it is finding out the clothes I bought last week are now on clearance so the store gives me back my money or finding just the thing I came for at a thrift store for $5.  It feels good taking items home when I know I got a good deal on them.  No guilt gut or buyer's remorse - just good old fashioned budget sense. The problem is that sometimes I will buy things I don't need just because they are "such a good deal!"  But that is a story for a different time.  The point is - never give up. If you think there is a better deal or a way you can negotiate by getting a different agent or trying to get the item used or at a different store don't be scared to do it. As a wise friend of mine would always tell me, "EVERYTHING is negotiable" Don't take the first offer on things - always make sure you are getting a good deal as well. You can use this in every aspect of your life not just with money. Don't settle on the minimum - always reach for one step higher one thing more than you think you can accomplish because usually you will get it. Accomplishments like this will put you in a good mood because you will know that you tried your best no matter the outcome. I won't be laying awake tonight worrying about my cell phone bill (although there are other bills I might lose shut-eye over) because I know because of some research on my part and a lot of customer service agent patience I am getting a good deal. And it feels good. :) This is me, Smiling.

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