Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making the Bed

 There is a positive energy that comes from a bed that is made. Seriously.  If I wake up and make my bed and my kids' bed first thing my day starts out right. My mood is sometimes directly connected to how my bed looks that day. If I forget to make it and later I come in and it is still not made - no doubt I probably am under some stress and I most likely will want to get right back in bed and take a nap instead of doing some important thing I need to do. But if I walk in and it is made - I don't want to get back in it because I'll mess it up so I can go and maybe fold the 2 loads of laundry or thaw some chicken and start dinner or even clean the toilet- all because my bed is made. I am not kidding you.  Same with other areas in my home - if the kids' rooms are messes but their bed is made it makes it easier to clean up other areas because one thing is already done.  So today's good mood tip is simple - make your bed first thing in the morning and I promise you it will make a difference on your mood and energy level. Seriously. On the other hand if you ever come over to my house you can tell what kind of day I may be having by simply going into my room and seeing how messy my bed is - you wouldn't even have to ask me how I am doing just say "Hi Rebecca - before I ask how your day is going can I have a look in your bedroom?" And then you will automatically know what kind of day I am having - made day or un-made day. It really is true.


  1. I am with you on this one. I make my bed while I am still in it, then ease out and smooth the top out. :)

  2. LOVE the side by side picture at the top, talk about night and day. Interesting concept, I guess I never really thought about that, but I'm not home during the day so I guess it doesn't bother me. (SIDENOTE: I DO make my bed in the morning, just NOT like that first picture)