Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reasons and Seasons

Names are a funny thing - the reason I named this blog what I did is because a year ago I applied for a job that would have paid me to write a blog post every day about what puts me in a good mood. I had to make a video and write an essay and get people to vote for me on a website. I accessed all of my resources, probably lost some friends through being blocked because of my daily voting reminders, and in the end I didn't get the position.  It went to someone else (that is also friendless i am sure). So, for this entire year I have thought of starting a blog of the same nature - a place where I can share what puts me a in a good mood/bad mood/in-between mood etc... and now I have finally done it - this is the place. I may not get paid for it - but I will still get to put my thoughts into words and get to finally share all the wonderful ideas I had as posts for that blog. So that is the reason this blog was started...

As for who I am - I am a wife a mother a daughter of God a sister and a friend - but these things do not define me so much as what I do within each of those roles. So I will share with you through my daily interludes - my reasons for being happy amidst the conundrum that is my life. The things that make me wonder. The things that make go "oh", the things that I think about and the things I dream about. Also the things that make me go "Ugh" or "are you kidding me?" Because let's face it- life is not always about being in a good mood. I hope I don't offend anyone with my boldness or my humor - the purpose of all of this is to uplift and create a few chuckles (I love that word). 

My family and I just moved across the country to start a new season in our lives so I would also like to use this blog as a place for those who I miss dearly to still have a piece of the craziness that is me and maybe they won't miss me so much and I won't miss them because I know they are reading pieces of my mind and heart. 

Anyway, back to names - my birth certificate name is Rebecca - but through the years I have gone by many things such as "Becca-boo Bear" "Becca" "Bec" "Rebe" "Bec Faye"  "REB-e-kah" etc.. The name that a lot of my older friends know me by is "BEC" but my new friends know me as "Rebecca" - my husband who will hereafter be known as "JD" had the same issue with names - so for the purpose of this  blog I am going to go by "Bec". 

So for now I will leave you with these introductory thoughts and hopes to make this a wonderful escape for my thoughts on an almost daily basis.


  1. YAY! I'm so excited you're gonna start blogging again and we can still keep in touch! I LOVE that picture of you, I think that picture describes you completely!

  2. How fun! I look forward to reading your good mood posts (and other posts in between).

  3. And the name saga/confusion continues! ha ha ;) Love you!

  4. Oh man--don't get me started on the confusion of the Garth/JD stories! Ah! I will try to get used to the Bec, but may have to start thinking up my own name for you...perhaps "Bach" short for "Bachelorette?!"