Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Random commercials put me in a good mood.  Since I never watch live TV anymore thanks to the invention of a DVR I don't see the commercials as they are meant to be seen. However, every once in a while one will sneak through while watching live TV that we will rewind and rewind because it is so funny or random. Ones that we can never see enough of and find something new every time is the "mayhem" commercials by Allstate. These absolutely kill me. Just thinking of them right now I am cracking up. Maybe because that is the kind of humor I like or maybe because of the random details put into them or the dry humor from the guy who is the star of them -but something about them make JD and I split our guts laughing!  Also the "Swagger Wagon" commercials by the Toyota Sienna minivan - I want one of those minivans just because of those commercials. They are hilarious. And if you don't know what I am talking about you have to "you-tube" them. (side note: someday I hope that my name becomes a verb like "google" and "you tube" have. They have become so popular that you start as a simple name and became a verb - like something people do e.g. To Google = to search for information about anything you want on the Internet. To YouTube = to search for video of anything you want on the Internet. Like I said someday I want to be so popular that my name is a verb. To Bec = to be..... I don't know the definition quite yet but someday there will be one) Sorry for the lengthy side note - so anyway - funny commercials always put me in a good mood - whether it's reminiscing about the old "Bud - Wise - er" frog commercials or seeing the hilarious "dog house" commercials from JCPenney around Christmas it always makes me chuckle and sometimes even have side splitting laughter.  So sit down "you tube" the ones I have mentioned and get a chuckle out of it for your good mood tip of the day.

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  1. Oh, my dear, you truly are amazing! Thank you for giving me yet another way to keep up with you. This helps me more than you know.