Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Junk is my Treasure

On Saturday we took a few $20's out of the bank and went yard sale'ing. I love yard sale's and he'll never admit it, but JD loves them too. His secret passion is to go out with some cash in hand and make other people's junk his new treasure.  Things you never thought you wanted until you see them sitting on that table for only $1 or $2 or $5.  I also like to go out with a list of specific items we are looking for and try the "drive-by" method where we drive by looking for things we need and if we don't see it we drive off to the next one.  Well on the way to one of our pre-determined (by reading the newspaper items they had) yard sales we happened upon a mulit-family HUGE yard sale that had everything - but just nothing on my list. Needless to say we found a lot of cool cheap stuff - but i still have a full list of things I thought we needed. Maybe we don't need them now - but our house is full of things I never could have lived without. So - we are broke, but have everything we never knew we needed. That in a nut shell is how yard sales effect you.  So come by our house in a year or so and half of the things we bought on Saturday may be cheaply priced and sitting on our yard with price stickers on them. Just don't ask about the year 90-91 Basketball Cards - that was the find of the day! Or the huge container of Lego's for only $19.75 when I haven't been able to find a set for under $40 - but would I have bought them right now even if I found a container for $19.75? Probably not - but at a yard sale - you can't say no to good deals.  Amazing stuff - I say again - I love yard sales. But we can only afford to go once a year - but that yearly outing is fun and puts in a good mood for a long time - so very worth it!


  1. That was so much fun! You neglected to mention some of the other treasures we found: the 1998 New York Jets jersey, the life-size Dora the Explorer, the bed fence, the train table (for $20!), and the bookshelves :)

    Even more fun on saturday was the clay county fair with the homemade apple pie, the 2 mph hayride, the goat we got to pet, or the rotisserie chicken we ate afterwards. Truly Saturday was one of my favorite days ever! (And despite what has been mentioned above, the best part was we got to go as a family to do all of this stuff).

  2. Sounds like a just explained exactly why I can't go garage saling though! If I had a specific item in mind and ONLY got what I "needed" I supposed I could give them a try :) But fun with the family IS PRICELESS!