Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to Back School Clothes

This week my kids and husband started school in a new place - one in 2nd grade and one in preschool and of course one in PhD school.  I have always LOVED the time of year when school begins. Growing up I looked forward to it - maybe it was because my birthday is at the end of the summer -but I think mostly I loved it because of all the new things you got, like pencils, those erasers shaped as hearts or unicorns, the paper and crayons and "trapper keepers" and of course the new clothes. This year I haven't had enough time to properly prepare my young-ins for the back-to-school event because of our big move - and it came as more of something to check off the list then something to be excited about - but even with a CRAZY STRESSED mom my kids still found the joy that is in starting a new school year. It brought it all back as we tried clothes on that I bought too big because why in the world would I buy clothes that fit them right now and are short sleeved when in a few weeks they will have grown a size and need all long-sleeves - so I finally found something for my oldest to wear a mix between summer and fall clothes that doesn't have holes and that actually still fits. Then I got busy doing things and my preschooler made me chuckle as she was following me around the house as I tried to clear out pathways amongst all of our stuff that is still not all the way unpacked saying "mom, help me pick out my back to back school clothes"  I didn't catch it at first but as she kept saying it eventually I actually heard what she was saying as opposed to tuning it out as I normally do and I asked her "what do you want me to do?"  and I finally look at her instead of through her as she look up at me holding 3 pair of pants  and 2 tops and says "back to back school clothes"  and right there in that moment I got it - I got what was important for the next little while - getting excited with my daughter about her "back to back" school clothes.  It was pretty cute the way she said it and I found joy for the next few minutes in trying things on with her and packing her backpack and putting on her "bus tag" so they would know where she goes the next morning.  Starting school puts me in a good mood - whether I am the one starting or not this time of year is a new start - I may just go buy myself a trapper keeper for old times sake - or a new outfit - that really would put me in a good mood.


  1. Great blog post, Bec. :) Or should I call you Mel? Lily's "back-to-back" comment was so funny. It definitely shows that she is a byproduct of a family who either likes sports (i.e. back-to-back homeruns, back-to-back games) or likes prisons (i.e. back-to-back life sentences) :).

    By the way, this blog is a great idea. I am so glad that you decided to do it. Your humor just comes out naturally in your writing. If you ever need a secretary, let me know. I could use a little bit more money.

  2. So great! Thanks for reminding me to stop and look at my child. I loved the talk at the last GC that talked about the grandkid saying "Grandpa, are you IN there?" I totally relate !

  3. So cute! I love looking for those moments and then looking back because they grow up too fast! Parenting a 16 yr old you need these times to look back at:)