Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recipe Wanted

As we were making chocolate chip cookies for JD's Department Dinner on Sunday which is a lot different from a Department Dinner he would have had back where we used to live. One main difference being that it was on a Sunday - a lot of things here are on Sundays which throws us for a loop.  Another difference being that every single person (above 21) at the party had a wine or beer in their hands and there was the opportunity to partake of whatever alcoholic beverage you so desired if you would have liked. And this was a "family - bring your kids" party. Wow have I been sheltered. I felt especially sheltered when my oldest came in and said "mom, what is in all those bottles that everyone has?" And I said "it is an adult drink" and he said "well I think (insert my 2-year olds name here) drank some".  We do find out that she actually didn't but she very well could have thinking it was some sweet looking Apple Juice. I guess I have to be more careful...who would have thought.

So anyway - I was making my infamous chocolate chip cookies and the kids gets so excited when I make them because of course, just like their mom, they like to sample the dough. I absolutely LOVE Cookie dough - especially cookie dough that this specific recipe makes.  I have been known to make full batches of cookie dough and maybe squeeze one dozen out to cook and eat the rest - Guilty pleasure.  As we were making the cookies - my oldest says, "mom, you better teach me how to make these so that when I move away from home I can make them". I just chuckle and then my 2nd child says "yeah mom, I need to be able to make these for my kids someday".  Thinking of this moment puts a smile on my face. I am leaving them a legacy they want to share with future grand-kids of mine. That is something special and would put anyone in a good mood. It was a wonderful moment that I will not soon forget. Everyone at the party loved the cookies by the way - they were all a little tipsy but I trusted their judgment.


  1. I remember feeling just like you when we moved from Utah to Ohio. It was a major culture shock at first. But, you'll adjust! Watch out for the apple juice bottles, though. I'm glad she didn't actually drink any!

  2. That was a crazy party! The wierdest thing was people were all in a REALLY good mood. I guess that it is fitting that we are talking about them on Bec's good mood blog. :)

    I loved the story about our kids. I had not heard that one. That is really special. They haven't said that they want me to teach them anything yet so that they can do it for their kids someday. Hopefully that moment doesn't come when I am sleeping in on a Sunday morning and church is in 30 minutes.

  3. So how do I get a copy of this cookie dough? I am a sucker for cookie dough!

  4. Please don't ever write about your cookie dough again. It does not put me in a good mood to know that I might not ever have another one of Rebecca's world famous cookie. Although you could send me the recipe and everytime I make them I will think of you...which would be a lot! Love ya girl!