Thursday, September 23, 2010

Skype It Up

As I have mentioned before, my family and I moved far away across the country just over a month ago and it was a very sad goodbye to family we lived by and are very very close to.  Well we all made sure to get web-cam's so we can keep in-touch via SKYPE. This is an incredible invention. Wow.  Yesterday alone I got to talk to my sister in one state see my nephew and how he's grown my brother in another state and my niece how she's grown. My kids get to see their cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents which they ask to do daily and it makes them so happy.  I hadn't talked to my sister in a long time and to sit down at my desk and have an hour long conversation with her like we were out to lunch was amazing. Next time sis, let's bring Olive Garden to the screen and it will be a girl's lunch out! Talking to my brother was just fun because we miss him and his wife so much sometimes it hurts and next time we are even talking about playing charades or pictionary over skype just like we did when we were living by them. Mostly we laugh and make faces and my brother bends his elbow and puts it up the camera to make it look like a bare bum - but it is so great to talk and see each other. So today I am in a good mood because of skype. You made the ache in my heart a little smaller because I was able to see family that I miss so much.  Thank you.

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