Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was a good day. Late to church as per usual for us - which is bad since they do not open the overflow in the ward here. Therefore, if you walk in late you have to walk up to the front and try to squeeze yourselves in between two families and then without a doubt as soon as you sit down and hope no one noticed you clamoring over people one of the kids will say "mom, I've got to go potty". Then you say "wait until the end of the meeting" hoping to distract said child with animal crackers for 1 hour and 5 minutes. So anyway, the thing that put me in a good mood happened in Sunday School. The lesson was about a story in the Bible where it uses a marriage to compare Christ's relationship with each of us. Well the Old Testament does kind of have some weird stuff in it - let's be honest - some of the names must have gotten changed in like the 10th translation or something. As for today - JD and I are sitting there following along with the teacher when she starts to read the story of the marriage in the book of Hosea and reads the woman's name, which is - GOMER.  JD and I hear this name read aloud and we look at each other and just start busting up laughing and can't stop. And then the teacher starts talking about said Gomer and people start saying the name without even smiling so it makes JD and I laugh even harder - so hard that we almost had to leave the class because we were causing a scene. I hadn't had a case of the giggles that bad in a long time and eventually we did control it -but afterward I was thinking that no matter what people thought of us - because it was pretty immature from their standpoint I am sure, it didn't matter because first of all, my husband was sitting by me in a Sunday School class which hadn't happened in YEARS. Second of all, amidst all the stress that has been our lives the last few weeks we could still find something as simple as "Gomer" to laugh uncontrollably about. I love JD and I love that we can laugh together over silly things. So now Gomer is the name of the snake we found in our front yard yesterday -more to come on that...


  1. Good for you for finding the fun in the OT! :) And also, I think you are seriously trying to mess with my thrice-post-pregnancy brain by using these names--JD and Bec? Seriously? I can't keep up!

  2. I love it!! Keep me laughing, Bec!