Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The "Y"

Today I went and joined "The Y". I have always heard of "The Y" on TV shows and from another friend I had that lived out this way - but today I saw my first "Y" and I have to admit - I fell in love. It is an amazing place. They have discount prices for membership if you are poor struggling students like we are. Awesome! They have FREE swim lessons. They have FREE babysitting for you kids while you work out or play racquetball with your husband or sit in the sauna. Seriously.  They have all sorts of family programs and sport leagues and youth leagues. It is a crazy wonderful place and I am giddy just sitting here and reading through all the material because I have a place I can go workout during the winter months that I hear are not very fun around here. I have only heard that from every single person I have met here so far - I say "yeah we just moved here" and they say "what were you thinking? Just wait till you see a winter here". Seriously - every person from the cashier to the insurance agent to the next door  neighbor - everyone says the same things about the horrible winters. So in way of preparation I have joined the "Y" so I have something to do.  They even had a very nice lady take me on a tour of the whole place and I fell in love even deeper. It is 10 minutes from my house and I can't wait to go - tomorrow!  Yeah!  So having great places like the "Y" is what puts me in a good mood today - I know not very funny and may not bring a chuckle out of you, but it is what I am smiling about today. That is the WHY of "the Y".


  1. I mean cmon its the Y! How can you go wrong. Go cougars!

  2. ((SIGH)) You just made me homesick for the Y we had back in Michigan! ENJOY, they are really fun places!

  3. Our Y is a 45 min drive away but we can be members for a smaller price and the boys play sports through them. It is much better then the city league and we love them!! Have fun!!